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  Electric Wie Rope Hoist
  -Ratchet Strap / Ratchet Tie Downs to ASTM B30.9  


Cargo Lashing is used for seuring truck loads. Use of cargo lashing will reduce chance of load damage and also protects other traffic party.

Technical specifications
-Made of 100% polyester
-Norm to ASTM B30.9
-Width from 1" to 4"
-Length fromm 10' to 60' graded by 1'
-Lashing capacity from 1,000lbs to 15,000lbs
-All kinds of end fittings/hooks to customer requests

-Cargo Lashing never used for lifting purpose!

Ratchet Tie Down
2" Ratchet Tie Down
Ratchet Tie Down Strap
  2" / 1,250lbs / 2,500lbs / 3,000lbs Logistic Tie Down
Logistic Tie Down
E Track Fitting Tie Down  
  3"/4" Ratchet Tie Down  
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