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Ratchet Tie Down
  Electric Wie Rope Hoist
  -Ratchet Strap / Ratchet Tie Downs to EN 12195-2 and DIN 60 060  


Cargo Lashing is used for seuring truck loads. Use of cargo lashing will reduce chance of load damage and also protects other traffic party.

Technical specifications
-Made of 100% polyester
-Norm to EN 12195-2 and DIN 60 060
-Width from 25mm to 100mm
-Length fromm 1m to 20m graded by 1m
-Lashing capacity from 125kg to 5,000kg
-All kinds of end fittings/hooks to customer requests

-Cargo Lashing never used for lifting purpose!

Ratchet Tie Down
50MM / 4T / 5T Cargo Lashings / Ratchet Tie Downs
Ratchet Tie Down
Ratchet Tie Down Cargo Lashing
  35MM / 2T / 3T Cargo Lashing / Ratchet Tie Downs
Ratchet Tie Down Strap
  25MM /800KG / 1T / 1.5T Cargo Lashing / Ratchet Tie Downs  
cargo Lashing
  lashing Strap  
  Car LashingCar Lashing  
  Cargo Lashing with Loop Eyes Best Tie Down  
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