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Flat Webbing Sling
  Electric Wie Rope Hoist
  -Polyester Round Sling with Two Ply Woven Heavy Sleeve  


Technical specifications
-Colour coded according to EN 1492-2 & AS 4497
-Capacity stripes; each stripe is equal to 1 tonne capacity.
-The safe working load is clearly and continuously printed on the sleeve.
-Extra strong PU-impregnated webbing of the sleeve, which does not allow dirt to enter.
-Each sling is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity or Test Certificate.

-Low elongation
-Extremely wear-resistant.

-According to Machine Directive 98/37/EC & AS 4497
-Safety Factor: 7:1

-Working Load Limited to 200 tonne as per your request
Flat Webbing Sling
Our roundslings are easy to easy to use, effcient in operation and gentle on surface contact. All roundslings are color coded to give easy indentification of the safe working load. They come with a lable giving length and tonnage. The roundsling inner core is made from high tension polyester fiber which is wound continuously without a join to provid the maximum possible strength. This core is protected by a tough woven tubular sleeve also made of polyester without side stitch. It serves to protect both the inner core of the sling and the surface of the product which it is lifting.

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